Dunin V. E., Lomovskaia V. E.

Small architectural forms in sculptural modelling as the development tool of architectural thinking

Today we realize spiritual, information and plastic need in the environment which we occupy, the more sharply, the mass building surround us. Therefore it is necessary to develop architectural and plastic culture means of decorative plasticity.
It is necessary to train architects capable to solve these problems, relying on accumulation of esthetic and cultural wealth, increasing them with the help of modern decisions.

Keywords: architectural education, architectural environment, landscape, landscape design, SAF of utilitarian, sculptural and plastic modeling, small architectural forms (SAF), teaching, town planning, архитектурная среда, архитектурное образование, градостроительство, дизайн, ландшафт, малые архитектурные формы (МАФ), МАФ утилитарного, преподавание, скульптурно-пластическое моделирование