Piatkov A. S., Piatkov S. V.

Features of interior design of small apartments.

In this work considered the features of functioning of the interior of small one-room and two-room apartments. Defined the main characteristics of this problem. Incombination of the three-dimensional components are defined: the initial multifunctionality of small residential cell, the combination of uniform, various and the alternative functions. Due to mobility in time and space of functional zones, which form the interior in unchanged space of the constructively-planning cell. In complex of object-spatial components are especially interesting a problem of transformable furniture, where the function can be used in needed time, when using the object of transformated furniture and availability decisions of this feature at the expense of using tranforming equipments also known as "interior systems": the playing, the sleeping, kitchen and keeping. Besides, the authors are defined the aim of further using of development of interior in time, in change quanti-tative and qualitative characteristics of family, during of all her seven cycles of living.

Keywords: ., interior systems, small residential cell, three-dimensional component, transformated furniture, «интерьерная система»., малая жилая ячейка, мебель-трансформер, объемно-пространственная составляющая