Piatkov A. S., Piatkov S. V.

Problems of proffessional design of interiors in Khabarovsk city.

The problems considered in this work are about projecting the interiors in Khabarovsk city.
Both aspects are affected-consideration of the subject of interior as a product of activity, as well a type of activity. A brief history of development of projecting the inte-riors is given as a type of activity, which determines groups of people, involving in this on a services of market. In consideration of work of the quality of that operation and product of the work, consisting in authorship, exclusivity, and the quality of visualiza-tion, and literacy of technical details as well as working drawings, educational experi-ence, and in personal views of author. The next thing that identified remains the main peremptory problems and it's reflection of activity of the relevant groups of artists, that making interiors which considering the general definition as a complex of components; educational base; working conditions and relationships with customers and employers, that is not the same, and also the systems of the price of labor and product. Eventually, in conclusion the subject of motivation and opportunities of increasing the quality, the main problem of projecting the interiors to consider.

Keywords: customer, motivation., personal taste of the au-thor, quality, services market, the problem of designing the intetior, заказчик, качество, личный вкус ав-тора, мотивации., проблемы проектирования интерьеров, рынок услуг