Evstaf'eva V. A., Podgornaia T. I.

The opportunities of using the natural materials for creating sculpture compositions

The article is devoted to the survey of the opportunities of using different natural products for creating sculptural compositions. The analysis of the principles of choosing the materials for making season and regular sculptures and compositions for exposition in different climatic conditions in towns and countries. The personal experi-ence of participating in regional and international competitions of creating ice snow and sand sculptures is used. Also the condition of created sculptures in parks sguares and interiors was researched. Based on acquired knowledge and skills the influence of cli-matic factors and physical specifications of natural products (stone, wood, ice, snow, sand,) having the importance for creating the sculptural forms and using them in the ex-teriors and interiors of the towns.

Keywords: ice, natural products, sand, sculpture compositions., snow, specifications, stone, wood, дерево, камень, лед, песок, природные материалы, свойства, скульптурные композиции, снег