Kozyrenko S. M., Tarakanova K. V.

Problems of adaptation of disabled children in the family

Social orphanhood - a social worldwide phenomenon due to the presence of children without parental carefull, which takes care of the state. In this paper we study a special case of child abandonment, when the family Persons with Disabilities (mother and father) born healthy (full) child. Taken into account the basic problems of adaptation of the child in the family, resulting in different periods of it's development, the state of health of the parents and the level of complexity of their disease, the impact of social services to families and the effective of social work. The problem of children in this kind of social orphanhood, ignored by society, in practice, very little research relating to social work with people with disabilities and their families. The study shows the importance of considering the family as a single balanced mechanism for addressing social rehabilitation of the entire family. Proposed to develop a new method to preserve traditional family values and consanguinity, regardless of the state of health of parents, based on knowledge of sociology, pedagogy, psychology, and innovative technologies.

Keywords: adaptation, child, disabled, family, interpersonal relationships, social orphanhood, social rehabilitation, social services and assistance, адаптация, инвалид, межличностные отношения, помощь, ребёнок, семья, социальная реабилитация, социальное сиротство, социальные службы