Gudina N. S., Shipitsyna O. A.

The principles of forming of architectural planning and art-shaped solutions of the airport complex

The article examines the process of transforming architecture airport complex. Changes in the transport sector are some of the most revealing, especially with regard to the formation of the architectural appearance of the terminal. The problem of air terminals understated architecture entails the formation of a multi-faceted memorable image. This is due to changes in the functional zoning, development of technologies and improving the social role of airports. Analysis of the aesthetic aspects of the architectural and planning decisions shows the relationship of functional, technological, structural, economic, ideological, and environmental factors. On the basis of domestic and foreign experience are identified the methods and principles of planning.

Keywords: airport complex, architectural image, socially active space., terminal, архитектурный образ, аэровокзальный комплекс, социально-активное пространство., терминал