Vasileva N. A., Shkolnikova K. K.

Design and environment

Environmental issues are getting more and more burning every year. This fact correspondingly increases the significance of green approach in design. City en-vironment, polluted air, and remoteness from nature cause a lot of health problems. Moreover, experts suggest that modern city architecture with standard building up and lack of bright colours is a frequent reason for depression among the representatives of urban population. The need to solve these challenges popularizes green building and eco-approach. Thus, the concepts of design and ecology have been harmoniously brought together.
Recently, the majority of the population has developed a certain system of values which includes the appreciation of environmentally friendly product. There is no longer doubt that ecological compatibility and resources and energy savings are becoming as important product qualities for a consumer as its ergonomics, functionality, and usability. This approach refers to various products from simple everyday objects to building design.
The definition of ecology is closely interconnected with architects and designers’ work aimed at making a certain living place and the planet Earth – our global home, in general, more convenient and comfortable and well-equipped. Architects and designers worldwide have supported this concept and are currently trying to embody it their projects creating the space for future life.
Eco-style and green building are current trends in modern design and architecture. Their appearance is undoubtedly connected with numerous challenges of ecology and problems generated by the human activities. In spite of these present challenges, they open new horizons and provide great opportunities for future development. Ambitious projects allow us to look into and foresee the future, and even today it becomes obvious that the most pretentious design projects have the potential to be developed bringing no harm to the environment and sometimes even improving it.

Keywords: eco-style, green building, individual, innovations, nano-technologies, the future, будущее, инновации, нано технологии, человек, экология, эко-стиль, эко-строительство