Bazilevich E. M., Lobkov A. O.

Picture by A.I. Kuinji in the Far Eastern art museum

Research is devoted to the creative talent of the artist of the XIX century AI Kuinji, whose paintings are popular now a half -century in our country and abroad. A special place in the study takes the analysis a little-known painting "Fishing in the Black Sea", which is stored in the Far Eastern Art Museum, located in the city of Khabarovsk . The article outlines some important points of artist’s biography, as well as an attempt to clari-fy the role of art and the fate of A.I. Kuinji

Keywords: AI Kuinji, artistic image, biography, especially creativity, landscape, painting, painting of the 19th century, pattern analysis, the contrast of light and shadow, А.И. Куинджи, анализ картины, биография, живопись, контраст света и тени, особенности творчества, пейзаж, художественный образ