Kopeva A. V., KHrapko O. V.


Creation of green walls as analogs of vertical gardening is now one of the perspective directions of landscaping design. The development relevance of this direction is caused by the large-scale town-planning processes happening in the modern large cities and in particular – in capitals of many countries. Green walls as the new landscape invention, are capable to turn over the general ideas of landscape gardening art, to recover dead concrete walls of the modern cities, to bring novelty in the general shape of the city, in perception of vital spaces, to make human habitat more informative.
That, what we call today the concept "vertical gardens" or "green wall", for the first time arose in the USA. Stanley Hart White, William Mathew Macpberson, Elmer Hovenden Gates were founders of the first green walls. The best-known green walls are found in France now and they are result of Patrick Blanc work. Patrick Blanc works inspired many companies on creation of green walls in interiors and in environment: GSky Plant Systems, Inc (USA), "VerdMX" (Mexico), Suntory Midorie (Japan), "NeoGarden" and "Rastenia" (Russia). All variety of green walls divide into types: "ProWall" and "BasicWall" for exterior design, "VersaWall" and "SmartWall" for interior design. This division is directly connected with type of green wall structure. In the first case the types of design are called modular. In the second case – felt, thus it is used both: a felt and a porous material an ecoweb.

Keywords: green walls, hydroponics, landscape architecture, landscape design, phyto-modules, vertical garden, вертикальное озеленение, гидропоника, ландшафтная архитектура, ландшафтный дизайн, фитомодули, фитостены