Kozyrenko N. E., CHuchmii P. A.

Cities on the water

Water is one of the most important factors that influence the formation of the city, and indeed any structural object. Location of property near the water automatically puts him in a higher price category than similar housing, which is devoid of even the species in the water. However, history has known cases where the construction of houses near the water was a necessity dictated by nature, since build more was nowhere. Then people meter by meter pushed forward by the sea dry land to build a house on it, or tried to adapt to the conditions dictated by nature. And nowadays people actively develops and uses the coastal and marine areas, estuaries and somehow forced to choose between teraformirovaniem or adaptation.
Every year, for example, in the Netherlands, built about 1500 floating mansions. Experts predict that in 20 years they will be more than 200 thousand, and they will turn into a real city with all necessary infrastructure: hospitals, shops, schools and kindergartens. An increasing number of floating buildings and in other countries.

Keywords: city by the water, houseboats, infrastructure for water, города у воды, инфраструктура на воде, плавучие дома