Vakulina I. N., Kazmina A. V., Yagnukova N. V.

Applying the methods of reconstruction orthogonal drawings in architectural practice

The article considered the reconstruction of perspective required to create orthogonal drawings of the building, where there is no way to measure the architectural structure, because of its dimensions, or other factors.
Reconstruction is performed on the example of Tsaritsin construction, which has a simple geometric form, as a rectangular prism. Also, individually considered part of the building, filled with a wide variety of decorative elements.
The main task of the job was desire to convey the basic parameters and the shape of the building, as well as to achieve maximum similarity with the object.
Reconstruction of the structure in its perspective view, is the inverse of the constructing perspectives of the building. However, as opposed of formation of perspective picture, where the mistakes of construction will be minimal, in the process of reconstruction perspective dimensions of orthogonal drawings of the building can be greatly distorted. Errors inevitable with construction of reconstruction, the cause of which may serve as a distortion of the building while shooting, inaccuracy constructions scaling.
After the construction of orthogonal drawings, was calculated mistakes, which emerged while constructed of the reconstruction of perspective picture. This difference was appeared as a result of image distortion during of the correction of the third vanishing point of perspective.

Keywords: architecture., orthogonal drawings, perspective image, reconstruction of perspective, архитектура., ортогональные чертежи, перспективные изображения, реконструкция перспективы