Arakelova D. A., Bazilevich E. M., Khakhaev D. V.

Francesco Mazzuoli Parmigianino’s creative work

The article is devoted to the talented artist of the XVI century, Parmigianino. His art is valued for centuries throughout the world. A special place in the study covers the analysis of the painting "The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine", located in the Far Eastern Art Museum in the city of Khabarovsk. Also in the paper succinctly describes the most important and interesting moments of the artist's biography.

Keywords: artistic image., biography, especially creativity, landscape, paintings of the 16th century, Parmigianino, pattern analysis, the contrast of light and shadow, анализ картины, биография, живопись 16 века, контраст света и тени, особенности творчества, Пармиджанино, пейзаж, художественный образ.