Bazilevich E. M., Teteryaev P. N.

Aqeedah and Galatea (picture of Carlo Maratta)

This article is devoted to one of the greatest painters of the Italian Baroque 17th-century artist Carlo Maratta, in particular, one of his paintings "Acis and Galatea". The article describes the plot of a picture, the time of his writing and art style paintings. In addition, given the bio-graphical information about the artist and his creative path. Also described the values of leaf-Carlo Maratta for the collection of Far Eastern art artist-governmental museum is a brief note about the history of the museum.

Keywords: Acis and Galatea, Baroque art., Carlo Maratta, Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk, Акид и Галатея, город Хабаровск, Дальневосточный художественный музей, искусство барокко., Карло Маратта