Pavlov S. A., Pereverzeva I. S.

Modern approaches to conditioning residential and public buildings

A study devoted to the review of existing options of modern air conditioning systems for residential and public buildings in the warm season. Overview conducted from simple air conditioning systems (monoblock, monoblock mobile, split and multi-split system), finishing systems having in its composition agreed between a sophisticated automatic control system (air conditioning system with ejection-closers, cold ceilings, the system with the use of building structures). In addition, this article carried out a comparative analysis and assessment of various air conditioning systems on a number of parameters in order to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of a particular method of air conditioning.

Keywords: air conditioning ejection-closers, multi-zone systems, split system., thermosets constructions, мультизональная система, сплит-система, термоактивные строительные конструкции, эжекционные кондиционеры-доводчики