Polovtsev I. N.

Street network as a basis for studying the development of territories

Research is devoted to studying of a street network and application of results for an assessment of transport development of the territory. Streets are a basis of any settlement. The direction of streets in the settlement changes very seldom. Any such change happens not in itself, and is connected with large city transformations. According to the author, research of a street network allows to study history of routes of movement (transport streams) in limits as the cities, and the adjacent territory. Thus, between development of the territory and a street network there is a direct connection. Studying a street network of the city of Kingisepp (Yamburg) of the Leningrad region, the author tried to define the direction of a possible old trade route between Yamburg (now - Kingisepp) and Novgorod (now - Veliky Novgorod) - the Yamburg kanavny road. The city of Kingisepp (earlier Yamburg) is located on the Luga River on the highway connecting Tallinn, Narva, Ivangorod and Saint-Petersburg. The main city street – Karl Marx Avenue in the middle of the city changes the direction for the perpendicular. City map of Yamburg was approved by the Empress Ekaterina the Second in 1784. If necessary it had opportunity to focus the main city street in the direction of the capital of (St. Petersburg). However it it wasn't made neither in 1784, nor in 1818. On the map of the Leningrad region there is an object the 25 kilometers long called "A Yamburg ditch". If to continue it in the direction of Kingisepp, this line will coincide with Karl Marx Avenue. In other party the straight line indicates the Hutynsky monastery in the city Veliky Novgorod. In the Explanatory dictionary of Russian of Vladimir Dahl’ to the word the ditch is value the road with ditches at the edges, an important trade way. It allows to draw a conclusion that at the time of the Empress Ekaterina the Second existed or planned a direct trade way between Yamburg and Novgorod.

Keywords: ditch road, Kingisepp, street, street network, urban development, urban environment, Yamburg, Yamburg ditch, городская среда, градостроительное развитие, канавная дорога, Кингисепп, улица, уличная сеть, Ямбург, Ямбургская канава