Kopeva A. V., Plekhanova V. A.


The term of 3D - technology design is presented in the article, the track history of emergence and development of respective soft and hard ware is listed. The major 3D - technologies for producing volumetric shapes targeting various destinations are considered: 3D and UV - printing. 3D - objects are divided into 2 groups: real and “virtual”. Innovative 3D - forms obtained as a result of simultaneous application of 3D and traditional technologies are being considered. Different compositional and artistic techniques, their combinations and interactions for 3D -objects in interior designs are listed.

Keywords: 3D - forms, 3-dimension, 3ds Max, 3D - technologies, 3D-технологии, 3D-формы, computer graphics, interior, visualization, визуализация, интерьер, компьютерная графика, трехмерность