Mingaleeva K. A., Moor V. K.

Features of renovation of living environment on precipitous relief under the conditions of anthropogenic landscape

Architectural design is based on multifactorial analysis under the condition of current paradigm of societies’ sustainable development. Systemic approach underlies the solution of the renovation. It makes it possible to identify the balance between architecture and contracture. Also it helps to get new quality of architecture. It is necessary to find innovative methods and principles of renovation. During the times building requirements are changing. There are new trends in the development of the territories. They identify the necessity of rethinking of principles and rules of design. We need a new
and fresh look at the design, urban design, constructive structure, organization of courtyard spaces. Effective monitoring and planning of residential environment are possible only on the basis of knowledge of the objective laws of this development. Also, it is very important to find the relationship between human needs and the spatial organization of the environment. Renovation of the living environment should be directed to the creation of high-quality homes. To solve the above problems humans need a detailed analysis of the modular structure of the anthropogenic relief. New trends and new problems in development of urban areas appears. And we need to find the decision of how to make the environment much more better then now. Above-described methods are used to work on
the renovation project of Vladivostok. Management processes of formation of the human environment are the most important, and perhaps the main tasks now.

Keywords: anthropogenic, landscape, Living Environment, method., nature, problems, solutions, strategy, антропогенный, жилая среда, ландшафт, метод., природный, проблемы, решение, стратегия