Ku Y. , Ha T.

New generation-square a design proposal of a commercial multiplex on Guangbok-ro 2ga in Busan, Korea

Commerce is not just trading of goods but a foundation for social, psychological, communicational activities of human being. It has provoked special design in both architecture and urbanism to satisfy the demand of each period throughout history. Even though it is such a complex and rich subject, however, all the substance of trading activities are reduced to a market place where sale and consumption are focused. What this study aims at is, therefore, revitalizing today’s functional and deteriorated market place to promote urban regeneration. This study intends to understand commercial space or zone as a new urban public space, to integrate urban entertainment activities with the commercial facilities, and to signify new role of commerce in the urban space. The study
selects a real site to design a commercial complex. During the design, strategical points are to be discussed and urban public space is reinterpreted based on the strategical points. The purpose of the study is to define the role of the new commercial complex as a device to regenerate the ‘gap’ produced by the growth of modern city.

Keywords: commercial, consumption form, historic, placeness, urban regeneration, городская регенерация., исторический, коммерческий, форма потребления