Zadokhina M. B.

The interdisciplinary approach to the teaching of art history

The paper investigates the specifics of teaching the history of art specialties “Architecture” and “Design of architectural environment.” The study involves the comparison of different approaches to the process of teaching, in particular, traditional and used for a long time informative approach, the essence of which is to inform students about the stages of the development of art and the existence of objects of art of each period, a more comprehensive, using information and techniques related disciplines and assuming full coverage during the formation of the art and the conditions creating works
of art. In terms of methods of studying art history can be divided into two approaches available to domestic and foreign experience of teaching as something that exists in the national high school approach to inform and follow-up audit quality learning material, and international experience, involving independent study under the guidance of the teacher, object, given the personal preferences and interests of the student.

Keywords: art history, competence approach, interdisciplinary approach, the model of Liberal Arts and Sciences., история искусств, компе- тентностный подход, междисциплинарный подход, модель свободных искусств и науки.