Martynov V. V., Martynova N. V.

The electronic portfolio student formed as a reflection of universal competencies of graduates

The transition to competence-oriented GEF HPE requires that issued graduates qualification documents found on-expression as their success in the study of individual disciplines and levels of forming of professional, universal competencies. The first requirement is successfully implemented currently accepted the Diploma Supplement. Impletion of the second requirement is unresolved and
highly complex scientific and methodological and organizational tasks. It should take into account a number of psycho-logical, ethical and social aspects, trying to give official estimate the level of development, such as social and personal and professional qualities of the young man. Here is invalid vulgar approach, reminiscent of the outstanding-listed once characteristics, is unacceptable and the use of any form of test materials. Objectivity and cogency of the document must be the Coy same as an existing now only the Diploma Supplement.

Keywords: competence, GEF HPE, interactivity, portfolio, proprofessionalism, the Internet., the standard of competence, интерактивность, интернет., компетентность, компетенции, портфолио, профессионализм, стандарт, ФГОС ВПО