Zhyu D. , Martynova N. V.

Western influence on modern development of chinese painting «Guohua»

Art of China has entered the path of greater openness to the outside world since the 1980s., Responds immediately to all new developments. The article examines the contradictions existing in Chinese painting “Guohua” of the late twentieth century. Modern art theorists Syaoshen Lee, Wu Guanzhong and Zhang Ding in the controversy expressed opposite views on the development of painting “Guohua” in our days.

Keywords: Chinese traditional painting Guohua, trends and styles of painting China in the twentieth century; Do Syaoshen, Wu Guanzhong, Zhang Ding., «гохуа», живопись, Китай, китайская традиционная живопись, направление, стиль, У Гуаньчжун, ХХ веке; Ли Сяошень, Чжан Дин.