Dyachkova L. G., Karikash V. I.

Features of realization of the historical - revolutionary themes in the works of plastic art of the soviet period in the Far East countries (on the example of Khabarovsk territory)

The article examines the historical-revolutionary theme in the works of sculpture of the Soviet period in the Far East countries. This topic is considered as one of the leading. On an example of Khabarovsk Krai author reveals common features that are typical of plastic art of 50-80 years.
The state and society have focused on the formation of the new Soviet man. The main mythological story in the visual arts is a revolution and a civil war. Many of the works have not survived, so the paper presents historical photographs from personal archives of Khabarovsk. Despite the revolutionary events of mythologizing the past and distortion of historical truth in the works of artists, it should be noted aesthetic and artistic value of a number of sculptural works of the Soviet period. Outstanding sculptors of the era left a bright trace in the cultural space of the Khabarovsk Territory. Among them are not only famous Moscow sculptors and architects, but also the Far Eastern artists.

Keywords: Historical-revolutionary theme, regional features., sculpture of the Soviet period, Историко-революционная тематика, региональные особенности., скульптура, совет- ский период