Safiullin T. M., Solonina N. S., Holodova L. P.

Visual and communicative function of graphics in architectural space of Yekaterinburg

The space of contemporary city, formed the architectural environment, filled with lots of graphic objects, which are dominated by advertising, billboards, ads. All of them provide for the needs of communicating in a visual of sale, service, as well as residents. The increase in population and the number of enterprises has led to the mass of graphics, the expansion of which was not controlled administratively, prevailed over the architectural environment, clashing with her and compromising the aesthetic perception of the space and its compositional integrity.
The paper examined two groups of conflicts arising in the interaction of the urban environment and graphical objects formed causes a problem situation, and provide recommendations to address the identified conflicts through techniques of graphic design. Formulated proposals would assess the impact of the graphics on the environment and aimed at creating a unified visual communication system graphics and architecture of the city.

Keywords: architectural environment, graphic design, graphics, the structure of the city., visual-communicative system, visual navigation, архитектурная среда, визуальная навигация, визуально-коммуникатив- ная система, графика, графический дизайн, структура города.