Martynova N. V., Jie L.

The dragon symbol in chinese culture and ar

The Chinese civilization, one of the oldest in the world, arose more than five thousand years ago. Along with other cultures of the world, China also passed certain steps of development from primitiveness modernization to the developed state. The long historical path and independence of China from other countries allowed to develop traditions, which are still honored in China. Both in the ancient time, and in the present, inhabitants attached significance to the symbols. Aboriginal Chinese honored and trusted in the Dragon, who in their representations was the Supreme deity. In the lots of legends and fairy tales dragons play the dominating role, and in the fine arts and art craft they are the main motive.

Keywords: archaic, art, China, dragon, dynasty., image, snake, symbol, архаика, династия., дракон, змея, изображения, искусство, Китай, символ