Martynova N. V., Tsuen U.

The beauty of blankleaving in chinese traditional painting

In Aesthetics of Confucianism, moderation is highly valued. Moderation pursues not only mental and physical harmony of individuals, but also harmony between human and nature. In the theory of Confucianism, extreme is the leading cause of instability. So in order to acquire harmony, it is important to understand that everything, including human emotion, mustn’t go to extremes. Kongfuzi said:”Be joyous but not ecstatic, be mournful but not distressing.” Therefore, art, music and other art forms should keep themselves in the range of moderation. Since extreme emotions are considered improper,
art works are not supposed to arouse strong sense to the audience, neither extreme happiness nor intense sadness. Blank-leaving on the painting could reduce pressure of eyes. Audience feel relaxed when watching a picture with moderate blank-leaving.

Keywords: aesthetics, Confucianism, emptiness, means of expression, neutral background, nirvana, Taoism, выразительные средства., даосизм, конфуцианство, нейтральный фон, нирвана, пу- стоты, эстетика