Zavyalova Y. Y., Kolezneva I. V.

The use of ways of geodetic measurements by technical diagnosing of the gas mains

The research is devoted to contemporary technology of the measurements
by diagnosing of the main gas mains. On the investigating site local tachymetry in false
grid system was executed, temporary bench marks are placed on two nearby ferroconcrete
support of the along-route in high voltage line with metal stubs which top edges are taken
for a conditional reference system.
According to the November of 1999 year arch formation represented a spatial curve on length of 293.42 m with the maximum arrow of a deflection in the horizontal plane of 5.095 m and in the vertical plane of +1.166 m; the maximum total deflection is 5.227 m. During the period from autumn of 1999 to June 2003 the size of a deflection increased to 8.35 m.
Coordinate generation method in false grid system is applied for ensuring of precision deviation definition of a spatial curve from a zero potential line. Extreme sections of main are taken as starting points of a “zero potential line” recording. Deviations of deflection line from some theoretical “zero potential line” are generated in the horizontal and vertical planes.

Keywords: deflection of main axle, precision deviation definition, tachometric method, tachymeter, tachymetry, Yi-vertical deflection, Yi - вер- тикальное отклонение, Zi- transverse deflection., Zi – поперечное отклонение., метод тахеометрии, прогиб оси трубопровода, тахеометрическая съемка, та- хеометр ТС-600, точность определения отклонения