Mamatkulov D. D., SHaripova K. A.

Thermal engines and protection of environment

Research is devoted to questions of decrease of consumption of fuel by recycling heat of gas thermal pumps. The thermal engines are the main consumer of organic fuel, which stocks, especially liquid, are not boundless. Besides on these engines it is necessary a part of harmful emissions in an atmosphere. The job is devoted to decrease of consumption of fuel by recycling heat of gas thermal pumps (ТН). Thus, the opportunity of recycling of heat of engines is considered(examined). Last - is carried out with the help of thermal pumps. In thermal pumps the return thermodynamic cycle raising temperature of natural sources is carried out. It allows applying this heat. By such way it is possible to receive in
1,5-2,0 times more at simple burning of fuel. The truth thus is necessary to make significant capital expenses, in some times exceeding what are necessary for construction usual boiler.
The principle of job of thermal pumps is known with of XIX century. However their application long restrained in cost of manufacturing ТН and low cost of fuel, Which minimum has stepped in 60 years of ХХ century. The conclusion. Thus, the petrol engines throw out more not burned down and products of their incomplete oxidation than diesel engines.

Keywords: environment; fuel; thermal engines; atmosphere; pollution., oкpужaющaя cpeдa; тoпливo; тeплoвыe двигaтeли; aтмocфepa; зaгpязнeниe.