Barsukova K. I., Ivanova A. P.


The main theme of the article is the research of the morphogenesis of the urban structure of the town, its viability at perspective development. The article is considered the history of the development of the Far Eastern town Soviet Gavan with the using of the methodology of Egle Trikanato’s research. There is historical-geographical part with the describing of discovery deep-water gulf, the building of the outpost with beneficial geographical location. History of the development of the town is presented
in the review of 5 eras: the birth, the development, the impetuous growth, the extensive growth and falling, next level of the growth. Author analyzes each stage of the development of structure of the town under the influence of existing concept. There is also the dynamics of the town planning. The main construction projects of industry are outlined, such as the Northern shipyard, the plant “Anchor”, the shipbuilding plant “Pallada”, the lamp factory “Surf”, the plant of large-panel construction No. 6. The characteristic of the social infrastructure are described, presented are the types of houses from barrack-like dwellings to multistorey buildings made of prefabricated panel. In the last eras presented
is the main direction of future development of the town: creation of the special economic zone, with the use of a deep-water gulf. The author concludes that the town constantly changing in time as a «living organism» and grows new structures.

Keywords: geographical determinism, The Special Economic Zone, the urban structure, town-forming enterprise, географический детерми- низм, градообразующие предприятия, портовая особая экономическая зона, урбанистическая структура