Dolganova S. A.


During the Soviet period development of the rural occupied areas had a tremendous national importance. The need for creation of new type of the rural settlement of the accommodation which is most approached by the level of comfort and by providing with cultural and community conditions to an urban environment led to increase of a role of planning of such settlements.
This problem was solved comprehensively and at the state level. Such approach promoted the rational organization of the territory, defined needs for resources and the approximate cost of construction.
Besides, at that time experts paid attention to development of the public centers as places of concentration of public and cultural life. The public center serves as well as the center of architectural and planning composition of the settlement.
Students of architectural specialties of our higher education institution could take active part in development of fragments of the modern public centers of agro-recreational
settlements of the Volgograd region.
The movement, which is called “Students - the Village” would allow accomplishing and organizing esthetically social territories, transport knots, park zones, to introduce sculptural compositions on a real environment. Such cooperation will change the appearance of areas of our region, and enables students with their usual enthusiasm and a sincere desire to change the world, to apply knowledge which was gained in practice on design, to realize creative ideas and plans, to recede from the academic severity of educational tasks.
Originality in the principles and receptions of the organization of the environment, identity in a choice of volume and spatial decisions, character of silhouettes, communication with a surrounding landscape, distribution of accents, study of details – all these will create special “favor” of forms to the person, emotional contact with an environment.
The solution of these questions will allow students to put into practice the gained knowledge, and agro-recreational settlements will receive modern non-standard projects, and their shape will undoubtedly change, creating an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and security.

Keywords: agro-recreation settlement, architectural-planning composition, community center, the improvement, агрорекреационные поселения, архитектурно-планировочная композиция, благоустройство, комфортная среда обитания, общественный центр, потребности