Makhova S. I., Makhova T. D., Melnikova E. I.


The article considers the necessity of full-scale research of District Park during the reconstructive activities in modern conditions. Modeling principles of greenery and small architectural forms interaction were proposed for the analysis of functional areas of the park and for the assessment of their impact on the aesthetics of green spaces. The study considers the location of park’s communication circuits with the city traffic structure and proposes the basic ways of park spaces’ future design. This article is about organization of rational recreation, that will further the spiritual and physical individual development and recuperation. Forms of recreation become more diverse so the types of design for recreation facilities, parks and forest parks increase. Volgograd has favorable natural conditions and convenient planning structure for their organization. Typically, each park is divided into zones of the active and quiet relaxation, which includes sports facilities, entertainment devices, and others. Also, parks are the place where parents can spend their free time walking with children. Unfortunately, there are not many places in Volgograd where you can relax after hard day. Of course, there is the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, and Friendship Park in the Central District, Sasha Filippova Park in the Voroshilov district, but all of them are in the center, and trip to the remote areas takes much time. There is also a category of citizens who do not have the ability to go away far from their home. According to the statistical observations of activities in the parks it was considered that in the first half of the day they are visited mostly by elderly people, some of them are
with children of preschool age. These people live near the park: 15-20 minutes on foot or by truck. Go to the park to get some fresh air, to see the exhibition, to take a break from the hustle and enjoy the flowers, the beautiful groups of trees, shrubs, read and play chess.

Keywords: design of greenery, District Park, district structure, green spaces, small architectural forms, зеленые пространства, малые архитектурные формы, моделирование зелени, районный парк, структура района