Prokof'eva I. A.


The article is devoted to the topic of «live» proportions in the history of architecture from the most well-known laws of the golden section to the universal system by Glikin Ya.D. and the creation on the basis of the characteristics and laws of systems and methods for a harmonious, «living» architecture. The basic principle of the creation of «living architecture» is a selection of lengths and sizes and their relationships in a way that objects perceived harmonious, as part of nature. This is achieved by the proportions and sizes, and combination of the various planes and their shapes. This paper presents a geometric study of physical laws of «living square», which is part of the big theme that is dedicated to the work of many researchers and theorists such as G.D. Grimm, Hembidzh D., Messel E., Afanasiev K.N., Zholtovsky I.V., Shevelev I.S., Chernyaev A.F., Pavlov A.N.

Keywords: composition, form, geometry, law, modernity, module, proportion, structure, tradition, геометрия, закон, композиция, модуль, пропорция, современность, структура, традиция, форма