Gorstkova E. I., Kolpakova O. V.


The study is devoted to the principles and approaches for designing harmonious color in interior environment, based on a concept analysis of seasonal flowers Itten. The importance and possibilities of designing personal polychrome space. The main factors influencing the design of the color of the interior spaces on the basis of the analysis of color preference and associations. Finding and choosing a color palette based on the study of the psychological effects of colours on the human body and emotions, as
well as on the study of aesthetic, figuratively-emotional function of colors in the Interior. The main theory analysis of seasonal flowers Itten, the psychological effect of spectral and achromatic colors per person.

Keywords: color associations; seasonal flowers; polychrome; color spectrum; color tone; color palette; color palette; psycho-emotional perception, цветовые ассоциации; сезонные цвета; полихромия; цветовая гамма; цветовая тональность; колористическое решение; цветовая палитра; психоэмоциональное восприятие