Kozyrenko N. E., CHerkashina I. A.


Currently, some common trends can be observed in cities of post-Soviet states, this trends being a demand for residential premises on the first floor both in the historic center and in commuter town. Commuter towns are separate zones which functions are limited within the housing provision. The expansion of services sector dictates the placing of commercial objects in the ground floors of residential buildings. Such factors as a proximity of these apartments to the cellars, low security level, poor insolation and unpresentable view from the window continue to erode comfortable environment, so this type of housing was rather cheap and was intended to house financially insolvent people. Nevertheless, the transition to the demand of the first floor of city buildings has created new problems number of problems at once. How is the appearance of the first floor of the city buildings formed? What becomes the most important in facades decorating? What is taken as a basis for constructing a color scheme and composition?

Keywords: aftermath, architecture, coloring, composition, demand, element, facade, processes, urban environment, архитектура, городская среда, колористика., композиция, последствия, процессы, спрос, фасад, элемент