Il'in K. S.


This analytical article describes features of influence different kinds of symbols on the perception and the development of environmental design at the moment, and in the foreseeable future, typology of symbols such as symbol, logo, emblem, badge, several signs and pictograms and the influence of the aesthetics and functional component of the environment. Reviewed are current trends of its qualitative and quantitative growth in environment. Described are logo as the most common and democratic type of the modern symbolism, the design dependence on the symbolic form, effect of the rapid growth of environment informatization as an important factor of development. The necessity in reviewing the topic is defined by the fact of crossing these areas of practical knowledge: design of architectural environment and graphic design.

Keywords: advertising, brand, design, design of architectural environment, heraldic symbol, information, logo, navigation, perception, pictogram, space, symbol, system, архитектурно-дизайнерская среда, бренд, восприятие, геральдический знак, дизайн, информация, логотип, навигация, пиктограмма, пространство, реклама, символика, система