Kop'eva D. D., Lapshina E.


The article is devoted to color aspect meaning in the urban environment organization. It also provides an overview of contemporary urban phenomena, which affect the color usage and visual perception of the city open spaces, such as advertising constructions, uncontrolled color decisions for the first floor retail facade fragments, lack of the general color pallet for different residential areas. Special attention is paid for specifics of forming the color character of the residential areas, which in contrast of citywide public spaces are not much filled with place identity, symbolic elements and unique art objects. The components affecting visual perception and possibilities for a comfortable interaction with the urban environment are revealed: buildings, building components, hardscape elements, ground surface and greenery, as well as elements of street advertising, navigation and place identity. The article provides an overview of typical methods of working with color, which are being used for harmonization and
considered design of open spaces in residential areas. The examples of using the color as an instrument for creating place identity in the residential areas, facilitating the navigation and also as the main material for public art objects livening the monotonic residential development are reviewed. It is shown that a harmonious color environment consists of a set of elements, each of which has its own color quality. Proper color combination of components allows to create a high-quality and clear image of residential area open spaces. Understanding the opportunities of working with each of all the components as parts of the entire composition and also as a means of establishing identity, giving the quality of uniqueness, allows to create design solutions which take into account all aspects of the urban environment.

Keywords: color, color environment, place identity, public space, residential area, urban environment components, дворовое пространство, идентичность, компоненты среды, общественное пространство, цвет, цветовая среда