Kozyrenko N. E., Perelygina E. V.


The research is devoted to the problem of the exclusion children with disabilities from full-fledged members of the urban environment. It should be noted that the problem of partial isolation from city life, is not unique to children with disabilities, but also for ordinary children. If previously a child was included in the life of settlement from early childhood, attended at the decision of different everyday problems, could freely explore all the available area, and was interact with people of different ages, with different life experiences. So later, due to the process of industrialization and urbanization, appeared necessity in institutions where it was possible leave children in the care, while their parents are at work. With the increase of number of cars, urban sprawl and increasing into them unwanted and dangerous contingent, environment became unsafe for free play and movement of children. Nowadays, for children in an urban environment reserved are some special areas of space and equipment, this approach provides better security and involves the development of children, but in fact leads to a narrowing of the range of social contacts and isolation from the real city life and a variety of situations occurring in it. Against this background the segregation of disabled children is particularly evident that makes it necessary of creating new children open spaces. These children space should serve as environment for a comfortable and relaxed socialization of children with
additional needs and their creative, physical and intellectual development. Members of the environment, regardless of their capabilities and limitations, must be able to move independently and through versatile design, its members should be equal, without the inconvenience and limitations. One way to solve the identified problems is inclusive playgrounds. These spaces are focused on co-play and interaction of people of different ages, with different experiences and opportunities.

Keywords: accessible environment, children with disabilities, inclusive playground, inclusive spaces, versatile design, городская среда, дети-инвалиды, игровые площадки, инклюзивные пространства, инклюзия