Kalinina-SHuvalova S. F., Rybnikova E. V.


The risk of accidents and catastrophes in the major environmentally sensitive sites, which include the HTС is considered to be the most dangerous. A cascade of reservoirs of the MUE «Vodokanal» belonging to of the city is located in the river Kamenushka ,it is intended for drinking and household water supply of residential and industrial objects. This paper considers the predicted extreme situation that can occur in the most likely scenario on the reservoir of the city, the amount of effort and resources of billing systems for emergency response have been calculated ,the economic calculation of the cost of elimination of emergency situations been carried out , the general damage from disasters have been defined.The measures to prevent the emergency situations in the future have been developed; they will help to avoid the loss of life, flooding of large areas and avoid the catastrophic consequences of dam failure

Keywords: reservoir; a risk factor; the occurrence of emergency; emergency response; environmental damage; social damage, водохранилище; фактор риска; возникновение ЧС; ликвидации ЧС; экологический ущерб; социальный ущерб