Kazantsev P. A.


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of using passive energy saving technologies in architecture of supermarket “Parus”. These technologies are primarily considers the annual variations of insolation and wind at the architecturalplanning solution of the building. According to the calculated data, changing the shape of the buildings, their orientation to Sun and prevailing wind, the layout of the buffer spaces
can substantially correct thermal comfort of buildings in the climatic conditions of the south of the Russian Far East. In this case, climate control engineering tools can play a secondary role.
In 2002-2005 architectural company Argus-Art designed a supermarket “Parus” along the Vladivostok Century Avenue, 68 (total area of 4800 sq. m., trade area- 2500 sq. m.). Authors - architect Pavel Kazantsev, structural engineer - Tatiana Slusareva, engineer - Alexei Voronov, 3D - Anna Zaitseva and Olga Reznik. On its own initiative group of authors used traditional technologies of passive solar heating, solar cooling, natural ventilation considering the direction of the prevailing winds, and windbreaks design for surrounding area in the forming of the building and landscaping design. Most
of the project proposals were implemented in the architecture of the building in 2005, but bioclimatic landscape design was not realized.
The use of these technologies of passive energy savings in commercial buildings can reduce operating costs, reduce the prices of goods and services, and increase in turnover. Design of supermarket “Parus” was the first and remains the only attempt to introduce passive energy-saving technologies in the architecture of commercial buildings in Vladivostok. Author of the project expected to contribute 30-35% of passive energysaving technologies to provide comfortable conditions in the building. Unfortunately, it is not possible to evaluate the real contribution of passive technology in the realized project.

Keywords: natural aeration, passive solar heating, resource-saving architecture, solar cooling, windscreen, ветрозащита, естественная аэрация, пассивное солнечное отопление, ресурсосберегающая архитектура, солнечное охлаждение