Kataeva М. А., Pershinova L. N.


The article investigates the problem of creating an air comfort in big cities. In recent years, a number of environmental challenges has been developing, most of which is related to the increase in number of private vehicles, particularly in the centers of cities. Polluted air has devastating effect on people’s health. In the cities as a result of everincreasing content of harmful substances in the atmosphere has been steadily increasing the number of patients suffering from respiratory diseases. Redevelopment of the urban environment recently engaged urbanists around the world, including Russia. Vertical zoning of the city center is a technique to use more clean air for people. Closing highways with screens, the organization of covered pedestrian areas along the avenue and other major thoroughfares are also methods of creating an air of comfort. New technologies of air cleaning in the urban environment oriented architects on new perspectives. Architectural techniques of using natural elements are relevant for today. The use of different types of architectural decisions compensates uncomfortable urbanized environment, and offers a completely new, more relaxed lifestyle.

Keywords: Air comfort, architectural techniques, comfortable lifestyle., covered streets, environmental issues, the reorganization of the urban environment, transportation, vertical zoning, архитектурные приемы, верти- кальное зонирование, воздушный комфорт, комфортный стиль жизни., крытые улицы, реорганизация городской среды, транс- портные средства, экологические проблемы