Grin I. I., Kuleshova N. A.


The article deals with the country hosting the Olympic Games and their regions, which receive the possibility of development and economic growth from the “Olympic effect”. However, the research of foreign experience of the Olympic Games shows that games are accompanied by a variety of socio-economic problems of municipal, regional and national levels. Part of Olympic facilities is not used in full, many of them are forced to change their function, and their maintenance is very expensive for cities. Hosting the Olympic Games accelerates development, change the quality of the urban environment and improve people’s living conditions and generates significant material and spiritual heritage. One of the main problems of the Olympic Games is short-term of peculiarly sport event, and its non-reproducibility for the venue. All this doesn’t allow return capital investment in the Olympics. It is necessary to identify the causes of the negative effects of the Olympic Games and to consider the possibility of more efficient use of the Olympic facilities. Discussed is the organization of measures and actions aimed to successful economic development with the help of the Olympic Games during not only
the period of the Olympic Games, but also in its further period of time.

Keywords: Olympic venues; Olympic Games; Olympic period; urban development; change in the functions of Olympic facilities., олимпийские объекты; олимпийские игры; пост- олимпийский период; городское развитие; изменение функций олимпийских объектов.