Kazantsev P. A., Marus Y. V.


The research is devoted to the natural landscapes developing methods. Since there are valuable elements of the urban environment, special methods for their development are needed. This is especially important in the unique natural and climatic conditions of the Primorsky krai with its complex terrain and contrast monsoon climate. The urban development activities’ influence on the different environmental factors, especially on climate, is analyzed through the example of Vladivostok city. The analysis shows, that the existing method of dealing with landscapes has many disadvantages: the alteration of morphological, aesthetical, climatic characteristics of landscapes. Moreover, it has negative influence on physical and psychological comfort environmental characteristics. The existing project of Saperniy peninsula development is regarded in order to understand the level of consideration the important orographic and climatic features of the landscape. As it is found out, the level of consideration is insufficient for such a valuable kind of natural landscape. The alternative suggestion of developing Saperniy peninsula based on regenerative design principles, which are described. The areas, which have the most comfortable microclimate, are regarded as the framework of the residential zone, the chain of uplands – as a green wind-protective framework. The principles of
regenerative design which are used in the project are stated and also exemplified with the fragment of residential area.

Keywords: natural landscape; urban development; climate comfort; regenerative design; planning concept., природный ландшафт; градостроительное освоение; климатический комфорт; регенеративное проектирование; проект планировки.