Samar A. P.


In difficult climatic conditions of Russia, with a continuous growth of expenses for energy carriers the problem of warming of walls and facades doesn't stop being the actual. And though it is possible to distinguish some techniques from existing ways of warming, the most effective are external systems of warming of facades. Application of hinged facades solves a number of economic, functional and esthetic tasks. However the area of their application also as well as any design or a material as a result is solved fire engineering characteristics. The train of fires with serious consequences evoked a wide response at the construction public, in particular, at what business consists in finishing of facades. All cases of ignitions of buildings are united by that fact that fire extended on facades which were revetted with aluminum composite panels. About 40% of front systems used in the Russian market have no technical certificates and necessary certifi-cates.In article the problem of ensuring fire safety of buildings with hinged facades is stated, test methods on criterion of fire danger of such designs are investigated, and also the technique of standard tests by definition of characteristics and indicators of fire danger of external walls of buildings from outer side and systems of their warming in the conditions of imitation of thermal impact on a facade is considered

Keywords: Fire safety of front systems; plaster systems with application of polymeric heaters; hinged ventilated facades; natural fire tests; method of the thermal analysis, Пожарная безопасность фасадных систем; штукатурные системы с применением полимерных утеплителей; навесные вентилируемые фасады; натурные огневые испытания; метод термического анализа