Grin I. I., KHisamitdinov V. R.


The article deals with the period of development of the Pacific coast of Russia, the appearance of the seaports in the Far Eastern region, analyzed the characteristics of these processes and the regularities of formation of port cities and settlements.
The discovery and development of the Far East has become one of the major historical events of the XVII century in Russia and the inclusion in its new composition of vast territories in accordance with the geopolitical interests of the country. Aigun Signing the agreement in 1858 was a milestone in the establishment of the Russian-Chinese border. Protection of maritime borders the Pacific Ocean, its navigation software, as well as expansion of international economic relations sharply raised the questions of development and settlement of the Far Eastern territories of the Russian Empire. Thus, the
appearance of the seaports and settlements on the Pacific coast state became a necessity.
This study does not affect the territory of the “Northern Sea Route” and port settlement on the borders of the Arctic Ocean, concentrating his attention on the eastern, north-eastern and south-eastern coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Sakhalin Region.

Keywords: Far East, pacific coast, port towns., Дальний Восток, портовые города., Тихоокеанское побережье