Burtzev А. G., Khismatullin D. D.


The research is devoted to the study of strategic planning tools of spatial development abroad. There were learned the main features of the document and characteristics of the process of master planning. The idea of the main benefits of strategic planning was given. The main objective of the article is to review the strategic master plan as a new tool of the spatial policy of urban planning in Russia, which should complement the adopted model in practice of Russian Federation. It was noted that in many cities launched the process of developing such documents. Because of the absence of experience
it is important to appeal to the research of international experience in strategic planning. This work is a summary of contributions of scientists in the study of such important topic. It was revealed that the spatial aspect is very poorly known. The article suggests the idea of the compact city with spatial principles for the Strategic Master Plan. The New Urbanism synthesizes a whole range of spatial patterns that are not the only good urban design, but also a growth management and urban revitalization. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of the application of the principles proposed in the implementation of major flagship projects in Berlin, Barcelona and Paris.

Keywords: Barcelona and Paris), foreign experience of master plans (Berlin, new urbanism, spatial development strategy, strategic master plan, Барселона и Париж), зарубежный опыт применения мастер-планов (Берлин, новый урбанизм, стратегический мастер-план, стратегия пространственного развития