Burova A. Y., Vakulina I. N.


The article covers the problems and methods of teaching architectural composition in the modern educational system with the aim to create special knowledge and skills for future professional activities of landscape architects profile. Tasks are designated and examples of practical work on different topics are given. They are performed for the various disciplines in according with the direction
of the preparation. In the article it is given an expediency substantiation of further development and
renewal of teaching methods of architectural disciplines with the new conditions of education, as well as the modern level of knowledge of students. The purpose of this technique is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the formation of future landscape architects practical skills in solving compositional problems. The difficulty of professional training is that landscape designing includes a
complex of components that must be considered in the design process at the same time. So it is important to build the educational process in way to teach students to use sources of professional information properly and fully, to systemize and identify the necessary knowledge, and also to apply them in practice correctly, not forgetting about the creative approach.

Keywords: architectural education; composition; layout; landscaping; compositional skills., архитектурное образование; композиция; макетирование; ландшафтное проектирование; композиционные навыки.