Zadokhina M. B.


This article examines the mutual influence of the two methods of studying the results of human creativity, the difference in approach, general issues relating to two different areas of science. The intersection of the interests of historical research in matters of art, creativity, its assumptions and ways of development of artistic thought. Explains how important interdisciplinary approach in studying the ways of development of art and its place in human life and attitude to it in different periods of human history. Mutual influence and enrichment of research methods, identify points of contact and the use of knowledge gained in the process of becoming a science, studying the processes of creativity and art, provides a more complete picture of the development of art and understand the nature of human creativity.

Keywords: aesthetics, art, creativity, history of arts, interdisciplinary approach, periodization of art, research methods., искусство, история искусств, междисциплинар- ный подход, методы исследования., периодизация искусства, творчество, эстетика