Eroshenko N. M., Perelygina E. V.


This article deals with the problem of the availability of the urban environment and playgrounds for children with disabilities. In Russian cities, people with disabilities are “invisible” - the environment doesn’t completely suit to their independent movement, not to mention children with disabilities. Due to this, they are crowded out to special “artificial” places and excluded from the social life of the city; contacts with
ordinary children and their peers become limited. The article includes the importance of the games for the child as a way to learn the adult world and to use these games as facilities of further adjustment. Art space that will help to solve the problem of isolation and socialization, and accessible and safe urban routes are assumed to be created.

Keywords: accessible environment, children with disabilities, playgrounds, socialization., дети-инвалиды, доступная среда, игровые площадки, социализация.