Fedosihin V. S., Shentcova O. M.


This article analyzes the architectural drawings with the position of fine art. That is why there is a problem. Should the architect have manual skill of the artist? In this regard, we consider such notions as “architectural graphics”, “work of art” and “architectural drawing and painting, fine technical equipment and a drawing of a multiplier technique”, “digital architectural graphics”. They all affect the quality of the
artistic decisions of the architectural works and the timing of execution of architectural drawings. Analyzed are the levels of images of architectural drawing. Their choice depends on the level of skill of the architect, his desires, the time allowed for the architectural drawing and the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Keywords: architectural drawing, architectural graphics, a work of fine art, the levels and their choice in the performance of architectural drawing., архитектурная графика, архитектурный чертеж, произведение изобразительного искусства, уровни и их выбор при исполнении архитектур- ного чертежа.