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Nikolay Aleksandrovitch Khokhlov

Department of Physics, 136, Tikhookeanskaya st.,

Pacific State University (formerly Khabarovsk State Technical University)

680035, Khabarovsk, Russia


Phone: (4212) 76-04-38


  • Born: 20 November, 1968; Vladivostok, Russia
  • Present Position: senior lecturer; Department of Physics, Pacific State University.


1997 – PhD in Physics: Moscow State University, Nuclear Physics Institute.

Dissertation: Reaction pp-gamma and choice between the Moscow NN potential and the hard core potentials.

1992 – Master of Science; Theoretical Physics, Far East State University, Russia

Thesis: Application of algebraic version of Resonating Group Method to the six quark systems.

Professional employment

1992-1997 – assistant professor and researcher for Theoretical Physics Laboratory in Pacific State University

  • Taught laboratories for beginning physics courses (for engineers)
  • Lecturer
  • Developed curriculum
  • Tutored an average of 100 students per week in physics

1998 – Present: senior lecturer, lecturer for students of Engineering (Physics)


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  • V.G.Neudatchin, N.A. Khokhlov, A.M.Shirokov, V.A.Knyr;NN Wave Function at Small Distances and Hard bremsstrahlung in the pp-pp gamma Process. in Physics of Atomic Nuclei,Vol. 60, N6, 1997, pp. 971-980.
  • N.A. Khokhlov, V.A.Knyr, V.G.Neudatchin and Andrey M.Shirokov; Bremsstrahlung of 350-450 MeV protons as a tool to study NN interaction off-shell. Int. Conf. on Quark Lepton Nucl. Phys. - Non- Perturbative QCD Hadron Phys. Electroweak Nucl. Process - "QULEN97", Abstracts.
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  • N.A. Khokhlov, A.M.Shirokov, V.A.Knyr, V.G.Neudatchin. Bremsstrahlung accompanying the intermediate energy pp scattering and the off-shell verification of NN interaction. III Int. Symp. "Deutron-95", Dubna, 1997, Proceedings, pp.268-273.
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  • N.A. Khokhlov and V.A. Knyr, Reconstruction of the optical potential from scattering data. Physical Review C73, 024004 (2006).

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