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VII олимпиада по английскому языку для студентов, изучающих английский язык не в качестве основной специальности

14 июля 2020

Part I

I. Choose the right option.

1. The inner London has been declared the most affluent region of ____ EU.

a) -                                                             b) a

c) the                                                         d) an

2. The fashion industry is ____ very good at selling the bright lights and glamour.

a) the                                                         b) -

c) a                                                            d) an

3. All credit card users have to pay back ____ small amount of their credit card balance each month.

a) the                                                         b) -

c) a                                                            d) an

4. A close friend could make you see a personal problem ____ a positive new angle.

a) at                                                           b) for

c) in                                                           d) from

5. Australian English was formed ____ dialect mixture.

a) with                                                       b) by

c) from                                                      d) since

6. Most parents do not believe that 11 to 13 year-olds are old enough to look ____ themselves.

a) for                                                         b) at

c) after                                                       d) up

7. Many people have claimed that money ____the root of all evil.

a) are                                                         b) is

c) have                                                       d) has

8. ____ legal emigrant should be on a 10-year probation.

a) no                                                          b) not

c) some                                                      d) any

9. There is ____ in the world that you feel more powerless than at the border of another country.

a) anywhere                                                        b) nowhere

c) somewhere                                            d) everywhere

10. Some state schools are clearly better than ____  .

a) others                                                    b) the other

c) another                                                  d) other

11. The data ____ that the unemployment rate is up nowadays.

a) shows                                                    b) showed

c) show                                                      d) shown

12. The Internet has potentials ____ well as dangers.

a) so                                                          b) as

c) not so                                                    d) not as

13. There is nothing to extract from the poor unless you ____ them rich.

a) will make                                                        b) don’t make

c) won’t make                                           d) make

14. What ____ a glamour model have in common with a man who works in a coleslaw factory?

a) does                                                       b) -

c) has                                                         d) is

15. Let’s consider some of the particular topics, ____ .

a) don’t we                                                b) aren’t we

c) do we                                                     c) shall we

16. ____ lawyers exist in 10 years?

a) do                                                          b) will

c) would                                                    d) won’t

17. Westminster Register Office is one of ____ venues in London for weddings.

a) most popular                                        b) more popular

c) the most popular                                   d) the more popular

18. There are plans ____ a lottery system for school places.

a) extending                                                        b) to have extended

c) to be extending                                      d) to extend

19. ____ to play a wide range of characters Johnny Depp remains a familiar figure on our screen.

a) able                                                       b) having able

c) being able                                              d) were able

20. Let the people who want to watch BBC ____ for it.

a)      to pay                                                        b) pay

c) to be paid                                                        d) to have paid

21. Many people are worried now that ____ generation is losing sight of traditional British values.

a) the younger                                           b) the youngest

c) younger                                                 d) the most young

22. “Ratatoulle” is drawn by hand on paper, exactly as it ____ since the early days of Mickey Mouse.

a) was done                                                        b) is done

c) has been done                                        d) had been done

23. Most people who went to see “Ratatoulle”, ____ the cinema with a warm feeling.

a) will have left                                          b) would have left

c) are leaving                                             d) leave

24. A huge section of London’s famous Camden Market ____ by fire recently.

a) destroyed                                                        b) was destroyed

c) had been destroyed                                d) has been destroyed

25. When Napoleon visited the Great Pyramids in Egypt, he asked ____ in the King’s Chamber.

a) being left alone                                      b) to leave alone

c) to be left alone                                       d) to have been left

26. Madonna said that she ____ 30 years in the entertainment business thinking only of herself and wanting to be the best.

a) has spent                                                        b) had spent

c) had been spending                                 d) has been spending

27. Frequent travelers with a biometric passport who had never stayed longer than allowed in the EU ____ to apply for registration as safe travelers.

a) will allow                                                        b) will be allowed

c) would allow                                           d) would be allowed

28. No one seems ____ about the fate of the next generation of lawyers.

a) worry                                                    b) to worry

c) to be worrying                                       d) to have worried

29. The debate over the character of the festival ____ for a long time.

a) is going                                                  b) has been going

c) was going                                              d) had been going

30. In spite of fewer cars ____ on the roads, congestion rose markedly between 2014 and 2015.

a) are                                                         b) be

c) being                                                      d) are being

Part II

II. The following sentences all contain an idiom with one key word missing. Choose on of the four alternatives to complete the idiom.

  1. The Grand Hotel is playing __________ to this year’s sales conference.
  1. house                                          c) hostess
  2. hospitality                                  d) host
  1. The office is too small. There’s not enough room to ___________ a cat.

a) swayc) swipe

b) swingd) swish

    3. All last week we were __________ up in the house by bad weather.

  a) caged                                          c) cooped

  b) caned                                         d) captured

4. The students haven’t done a ___________ of  work.

      a) stripe                                           c) stroke

      b) strobe                                          d) strop

5. Have you got any ____________ money?

      a) pill                                               c) pin

      c) pig                                                d) pick

6. These shirts are ___________ cheap.

      a) curt                                              c) hurt

      b) dirt                                                        d) murky

7. Evil communications ____________ good manners.

      a) worsen                                         c) corrupt

      b) correlate                                       d) spoil

8. My brother had a ___________ holiday.

      a) businessman’s                             c) busman’s

      b) bushman’s                                   d) vanman’s

9. They were applauded to the __________ .

      a) ache                                             c) pain

      b) echo                                             d) ecstasy

10. Whom God would ruin, he first _________ of reason.

      a) derails                                          c) depraves

      c) deprecates                                    d) deprives



Part III




A 17-year-old boy drifts into sleep, his head drooping into the textbook open in front of him. It is 9pm and Yang Dong-myung has two more hours of study to complete before going home. Around him sit other teenage South Koreans struggling to stay awake as a tutor scribbles English vocabulary in a blackboard.

Mr. Yang and his classmates are among the roughly 80 per cent of South Koreans who attend private evening schools, known as hagwon, to improve their chances of reaching university.

An almost cult-like devotion to learning has been among the driving forces behind South Korea’s rapid economic development over the past half century, creating one of the world’s most highly educated workforces.

But concern is growing that the obsession with education has spun out of control, putting children under too much stress and families under pressure to pay expensive tuition fees.

The government signaled its alarm last month by announcing plans to outlaw evening classes after 10 pm as part of tougher regulation of the $11 bn hagwon industry.

Mr. Yang attends his hagwon in Seoul four evenings a week from 6 pm to 11 pm after a full day at school. “I get tired and fall asleep in class,” he says. “But in Korea education is important so my parents force me to study.”

South Korea spends 6.8 per cent of gross domestic product on education, more than any other member of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. However, the country’s public spending on education is below the OECD average at 4.1 per cent, highlighting the role played by private tuition in Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

The teachings of Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher who stressed the importance of scholarship, influence many east Asian societies.

In South Korea, the zeal for learning is reinforced by a belief that knowledge is crucial to the bid to catch up with richer nations such as Japan and stay ahead of China.

Commitment to education is reflected by research showing South Korea’s 15-year-olds have the highest scientific literacy and second-highest mathematics standards among OECD members.

Private tuition has become so entrenched that public schools skip parts of the curriculum on the assumption that it will be taught in evening classes.

“Public education teaches students to be rounded individuals; hagwon exists to get them through the university entrance exam,” says Mr. Lee.

Getting into a good university is considered a ticket to success in status conscious South Korea, where people are judged according to educational background.


  1. Mr. Yang


a) studies for two hours in the evenings.

b) studies for two hours in the mornings.

c) has a good sleeping habit.

d) wants to enter a university.


  1. Hagwon is


a) a state evening school.

b) rather expensive.

c) occupies 80% in Korean education system.

d a state full-time school.


  1. Korean government structures


a) prohibit evening classes.

b) created the most highly educated workers.

c) introduced tougher regulations of hagwon.

d) plan to reduce evening courses’ hours.


  1. According to Koreans, good knowledge


a) helps people to become rich.

b) was governed by Confucius.

c) increases Gross Domestic product.

d) does not influence the status in society.


  1. The programme of evening classes


a) is the same as in compulsory classes.

b) is aimed at personal self-development.

c) helps to become a university student.

d) is very difficult.


  1. Korean families


a) pay a lot of money for children’s education.

b) want to live like Chinese and Japanese families do.

c) read a lot of philosophical books.

d) are against hagwon.



Part IV

Choose the right option.

  1. Which is the smallest of the four nations?


a) Ireland.

b) Scotland.

c) Wales.

d) England.


  1. Near which town does the English end of the channel tunnel start?


a) Canterbury.

b) Dover.

c) London.

d) Folkestone.


  1. Among British people, which of these personal qualities is generally valued the most?


a) beauty.

b) humour.

c) intelligence.

d) bravery.


  1. Kipling is a famous    …     writer and poet.


a) American

b) British

c) Australian

d) Canadian


  1. An American writer famous for such books as Sister Carrie, American Tragedy, Jerry Gerhard, etc is


a) T. Dreiser.

b) F. Cooper.

c) J. Swift.

d) W. Thackeray.


  1. This US state was explored by the Dutch in the early 1600s, settled by the Swedes forty years later, and claimed by the British in 1664.


a) Pennsylvania

b) Philadelphia

c) Louisiana

d) South Carolina


  1. The Issei and the Nisei people had _____________ origin.

a) Chinese

b) Japanese

c) Spanish

d) English


  1. Canada enjoys a literacy rate of almost

a) 90%.

b) 95%.

c) 99%.

d) 100%.


  1. Which of these items was invented in Canada?

a) The baseball glove

b) The Winchester rifle

c) The cotton gin

d) The lightbulb


  1. New Zealand’s area can be compared to the size of which the US state?

a) Rhode Island

b) New York

c) Texas

d) Colorado

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